Euan - From 13th Aug 04

After all the problems of his first week, (Click here to see) Euan seems to be making good progress.

He's now breathing on his own. He's had his first proper feeds...and his first proper poos! Most of the tubes are out. The one from his side comes out today. If progress continues like this, he could be out in a week!

13th Aug. Most of the tubes out!
Louise gets another cuddle... does Neil
Having been fed via a tube so far, he needs a dummy to teach him to suck. He'll get the idea soon
16th August - Euan comes home!
All the tubes are out and Louise is feeding Euan. What a wonderful change in the last 10 days since he was born on 5th August. Now the whole family is home, I'm looking forward to some more and better photos!
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