Welcome Euan - Born 4th Aug 04

Euan William Rattray was born at 6.42am (UK time) on 4th Aug. 04.

Around 6lbs. Blue eyes, brown hair and probably the Holway nose!

4th Aug 04 - I'm told these were taken within minutes of the birth on Neil's camera phone.
4th Aug 04 - A few hours later
5th Aug 04 - One day old. Unfortunately it was soon discovered that something was wrong. He wouldn't feed. So they put him in the special baby unit.
But, my word, what a handsome guy!
Very proud Dad!
In the special care unit
Then it was discovered that poor Euan had both a Oesophageal Atresia and Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula. Basically there was a gap in his foodpipe which therefore didn't flow into his stomach. Also his windpipe was abnormally connected to his oesophagus. It apparently happens in 1 in 3000 babies. So a 2 hour operation was required.
7th Aug 04 - Pre op
8th Aug - Post op. He needs help with his breathing as he's picked up a lung infection. Probably due to food entering his lungs early on. He also has jaundice - hence the covering on his eyes apparently.
Spencer, the Teddy we sent, is looking on and taking care of the dear little chap.
11th Aug 04
Progress! Yesterday they reduced the morphine so that Euan was a bit less knocked out. Then they removed his ventilator and he's now breathing all on his own. This morning he was fed proper food for the first time. Down a tube this time. But hopefully he'll be able to take it the way mother nature intended before too long.
See. I told you Spencer the Teddy would look after him. I think Euan's Dad has had a bit to do with that too though! Ahhh. Tiny toes!
Louise gets a cuddle AT LAST! What a battler. I'm really proud of him...and Louise and Neil too of course!