14th April 12 - Meissen

Took the train from Dresden to Meissen - about 16 miles

Tickets at the station
Excellent double-decker trains.
Meissen. Did factory tour with demonstrations. Meissen porcelain is very expensive. Some of the items in the gift shop cost over Euro 10,000.
The Saxon castle
In the Great Hall. Had to wear special felt shoes to protect the floor.
The gothic cathedral
The rooftops of Meissen taken from the castle walls
Streets and houses of Meissen.
Looking back across the River Elbe to the castle and cathedral
When we were in Berlin we learnt how to tell whether you were in East or west Berlin. In the East, the traffic light 'men' for Walk/Don't walk have a hat on. Dresden and Meissen were in Eastern Germany before unification and choose to keep their hatted traffic men.
On to dinner and 15th Apr 12