14th-15th April 12 - Dresden

After our visit to Meissen, we went to dinner in the Michelin-starred Carossel Restaurant at the Buelow Paris Hotel in the New Town. Extremely good too. Lovely walk over the bridge.

Following day we took the tram to the Elbeschlosser palaces, Blue Bridge, up the funicular for brunch with loads of German families and then (after a bus ride) a long walk through the Grand Gardens back to our hotel.

Augustusbrucke Bridge
The site of the picture by Bellotto - and the original. They really have rebuilt it well!
The bridgescape today
The Golden Rider as we walked back from dinner.
View of the Blue Bridge and River Elbe from the ridge
The garden palace in the Grossen Garten
Miniture train in the Grossen Garten
Semperopera Dresden. Really ornate. And, of course, all 'new' after the bomb damage.
Interval nibbles
Coppelia - it was truly great. Dancing, music, sets and costumes could not have been bettered. Even Mike appreciated it!
Yesterday I brought you the Eastern German hatted traffic light 'men'. Today we discovered the female equivalent!