22nd Oct 09 - Muscat, Oman

Muscat is the capital of Oman. We visited the Grand Mosque - the largest in Oman and only built in 2002, the Muttrah Souq and the Al Alam Palace, the official home of Sultan Qaboos.

Voyager in the harbour. Across the bay you can see the Giant Frankincense burner
Grand mosque. Very strict dress code.
A quick lesson in doing your ablutions.
The Grand Mosque was...well, very 'grand'. Largest carpet in the world, largest chandelier, most expansive and expensive marble etc
Badar explaining the Koran
In Oman you can have 4 wives. One is more than enough for me!
Muttrah Souq
Sultan Qaboos Palace
Muscat was quite different from all the other countries we have visited. Clean, modern and, above all, green. Maybe a bit too sanitised. No taxes, free education and medical services for all...Even our 'official government' guide couldn't find anything to say against the place. But maybe that was for a reason!
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