23rd Oct 09 - Dubai

Arrived in Dubai at midday and went on a 'Discover Boomtown Dubai' tour.

Dubai has changed so much in the ten years since we last visited. I have never seen so many buildings and infrastructure 'under construction'
 The Burj Al Arab '7-star' hotel is pretty amazing with its helipad and underwater seafood restaurant
We spotted this colourful bird. Must look up what it is.
Dubai Ski. This enormous structure is kept at -4C whilst outside it was 40C! Actually we thought it was all a bit 'tacky'. But, I guess if you had never seen snow before, it was magical. Certainly the kids were having a wonderful time.
Finally we stopped for the 'Fountain Show' beneath the Burj Dubai. Under construction was destined to be the highest building. The fountain show was the best we had ever seen.
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And then home by BA on 24th Oct...