14th Oct 09 - Petra

After an overnight at a hotel in Petra, we started at dawn on the long downward walk (c 5 miles) down the Siq to the Treasury and beyond. You could have taken a carriage. When we returned (up hill) it was baking hot! 

Start of the Siq or gorge. The Siq was created naturally c30m ago.
 Some took a carriage but you missed a close encounter with the fantastic gorge if you did.
In the Siq. There was a channel carved down the whole length to take water to the Treasury and City at the end.
Then suddenly, after your long walk, you spy this fantastic sight! The Treasury was built in the first century BC.  It really is amazing. 
I'm sure you have seen pictures of the Treasury at Petra a million times. To see it with your own eyes is something else!
From the Treasury, Petra proper starts and goes on for miles. Here tombs in the 'Street of Facades'.
Camels in front of the Theatre.
Camels, camels everywhere
The Urn tomb. Believed also to be a Bedouin law-court.

Of course, when you reach the bottom (well actually we gave up before the very end!) you had to turn round and walk back up the slope in the midday sun. It was about 40C and, I can tell, you the uphill walk became quite a sweaty struggle by the end!

This picture was taken from the coach as we left Petra. The highest peak in the range is Mount Aaron where Moses brother died and was buried.
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