13th Oct 09 - Wadi Rum

Overnight the ship sailed to Aqaba in Jordan. Here we got off again and drove to Wadi Rum where we transferred into what was described as 'air cooled' 4xD vehicles but were in fact open top beat up old trucks! We then set off on a trip through the desert eventually stopping at dusk at a dinner 'camp' setup for us under the twinkling jet black night sky.

Setting off
 Camels everywhere!
When we stopped the drivers made a chequers board in the sand and played with stones.
The red rocks reminded me of Ayers Rock in Australia
More camels at dusk. I was surprised how fast they were. Easily outrunning our trucks
Dinner. They had dug a pit, filled with charcoal and then buried a metal dustbin full of meat in the sand. It was actually delicious!
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