Richard's 60th Birthday Bash - 3rd Feb 07
Part Two (of Three)
Guests at the reception and dinner

Birthday Boy and Elizabeth
Andra, Molly and Elaine

Anthony and Rosana

Bill, Fiona and Geoff
Bill, Sarah and Dave
Bill and Carol
Charles and Magda
Charlie and Eileen
Charlotte, Tim and Val
Dave, Emily and Sharon
A quartet of Devlins - Elizabeth, Philip, Gary and Richard
Richard, Frankie and Sarah
Elaine, David and Molly
Geoff, Bron and Bill
Gill, Richard and Caroline
Ian and Christine
James, Adam, Tara and Valerie
Joan and John
John and Elizabeth
Joolz and Adam
Lesley and Charlie
Maria, Charlie and Lesley
Maria and Ted
Matt, Georgina, Andrew and Fiona
Matt, Janet and Gary
Matt and Janet
Maureen, Chrys and Carol
Mo, Mike, Sarah and John
Mo and Mike
Mo, Sue and Ivy
Pauline and Paul
Sarah and Mike
Sharon and Emily
Melissa and Stuart
Sue, Jules, Jeff and Katie
Susan, Bill, Sue, John and Val
Tauntonites - Chris, Roger, Liz, Terry and Andy
Ted, Sue, Bill and Fiona
Ted, Maria and John
Terry and Maura
Mo, Anthony and Rosanna
Val and Molly
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