Garden - 15th June 20

Of pots and hanging baskets

STILL under lockdown because of Coronavirus/COVID-19. Three months now and going more stir crazy by the day.

Weather had been really hot and dry for weeks on end since my last Garden Today update on 9th May 20.  Grass turned to straw. Rained a bit - but not enough - in the last week.

The last week will be remembered for the deer, trapped in the garden for 3 days,  eating over 100 geraniums, all the roses and the tops of the phlox. The Little Ones managed to coral him out the front gate last Sunday. HURRAH!, 

A Celebration of wall pots and hanging baskets. They look particularly good as all the sunny weather has really brought them on PLUS I have been around to water & feed every night. Classic combination!
Pots and hanging baskets by the kitchen door
Pots by the Front Door. I rearranged the geranium display in the porch. Looks good but difficult to water without soaking everything in the postbox below!
Pots by the Annexe
Pots by the greenhouse. Sarah gave me a new 'MY ACE DAD' planter. I managed to repair the old one so I'm now an Ace Dad x 2!!
Lilies just coming into flower.
It's (self-seeded) Poppy time
Yellow roses too high for the deer!
Cut down the conifer outside the lounge window. We planted it 23 years ago in the rockery and it grew to be has high as the house! So have now replanted that part of the rockery. It will fill out! Top is old/existing rockery. Bottom the new planting.
We cut back the climbing roses on the pergola to replace the rotten wood. They have made a speedy recovery. In fact I think they are better for the harsh treatment!
Greenhouse and veg beds. We had our first meal of courgettes (yellow & green), mangetout peas and broad beans. Yummy!
Finally, rebuilt the compost heaps (How exciting...). FOUR - one for each year as it takes 3 years for the leaves to compost. Then you can use the 4th (oldest) heap for mulch.