Garden - 8th April 20

Life still under lockdown because of Coronavirus/COVID-19. The sun has been out and it is REALLY WARM. A bit unfair really!

Honesty (Lumaria). A self-seeded biannual. It is covering one of the banks in purple flowers. After they have bloomed they have oval seed heads (which is why Honesty's other name is 'Silver Dollar') which turn translucent and are prized by dry flower arrangers (not my thing!)  They remind me of my Dad as he loved them and gave me some seeds. So I would like to think that these in my garden have his DNA!
Celandines at the bottom of the garden
Around the pond as we await Mrs Duck to hatch her ducklings 
Rhododendron in the hedge in the front garden 
Erysimum. Have many around he garden as they flower from March to Oct. These were planted in a pot. Three plants. Trimmed in the autumn and now producing a wonderful show.
Lovely planter by the front door 
160 lavenders delivered and planted to replace the lavender hedge
Must look up what this is called...
Little clump of yellow tulips on the bed by the side lawn
 Tulips and daffodils in the circular bed in the front garden where the Grandson Tree once stood
'Combinations' tulips
Veg bed. All sprouting.
Finally decided to feature my ORCHIDS
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