1st Nov 19 - The Grandson Tree

Sad day as we bid farewell to The Grandson Tree.

When we moved into Warren House in 1997, there were many trees in the front garden including a magnificent Cedar

Front garden with Cedar in 2000
On 2nd June 2006, we heard a loud bang in the middle of the night. It was not until the following morning that we realised that the large cedar had shed a massive branch. It missed Neil & Louise's hire car by inches
Euan who was aged 22 months at the time insisted on helping us to clear away the branches so we could get out of the drive. 
Quite important as I think they were flying back to Australia that day
When the tree surgeons arrived we asked them to sculpt the trunk rather than felling the whole lot
The trunk became a feature of the garden - now referred to as 'The Grandson Tree'.
Many birds (woodpeckers, tits etc) and animals  made it their home .
But first it rotted away.
Then the recent storms made it lean at an angle. In the interests of H&S we had to have it felled.
Still deciding what to put in its place. Another tree is difficult unless we remove the stump completely - not easy!