2nd Dec 18 - Wellington

A popular trivia question is 'What is the most southerly capital city in the world?'. Answer - Wellington.

It really is a lovely, small city built around the bay. Its only downside - as far as I can see - is that it is situated on the Wellington Fault (part of the Ring of Fire). So is very prone to earthquakes. The last, in 2016, was 7.5 and caused huge damage to the buildings.

Panoramas of Wellington from our ship as we sailed into the bay
The Old St Paul's Cathedral dates from 1866 and is built of wood - incl its nails. It survived the earthquake with little damage. 
We took the Wellington Cable car, opened in 1902, to the Botanic Gardens.
The Lady Norwood Rose Garden in the Botanic Gardens
Mrs Duck and her 5 ducklings.
In the Begonia House - although we didn't spot any begonias!
Finally a visit to Mount Victoria and its view over the City.