Walk with Teddy - 1st Aug 16

Promised Teddy a walk. Went down on Sunday (31st July) in time for a beach visit. Then walk + Fish & Chips + Pizza on Monday. Returned Tuesday first thing.

Arrived on Sunday afternoon and went to the beach. Dug BIG hole and let the incoming tide fill it. Then Teddy went for a swim
Monday started overcast. But, as rain was only forecast from lunchtime, we started off early to Middle Beach where we parked.
Pitstop #1 was the Agglestone Rock
Then across the golf course to the Obelisk at the start of Ballard Down where we encountered some rather 'Mad Cows'!
Overlooking Swanage Bay. We descended and walked along the beach
Oysters & Shell-on Prawns for me and Fish & Chips for Teddy @ Gee Whites. Excellent!
The walk was 7 miles and had a lot of 'up and down'. Teddy did v well and said he could have continued for several more miles. 

And he wants to do it again!