25th/26th Dec 15 - Christmas Day at the Devlins and Boxing Day Walk

Devlins for Christmas Day. This year I dressed as an Elf. Not quite sure if it was a wise decision...
Around the Christmas Tree
Harry & Sarah both looking lovely.
Frankie with her Emoji cushion with Carole in the background finding it v amusing!
Richard and his Ladybird book
Teddy and his Liverpool Football Annual and his Liverpool Away strip were clearly the hit presents of the day!
The Royal Family came to lunch...
Whereas over in Perth, Australia, Neil obviously liked the mug we sent him
For Euan it was the Minecraft glasses and, especially, the Facebook Fox I bought him when I visited Facebook HQ in California in Nov 15
On Boxing Day, Elizabeth & I went for a 5 mile walk across Hankley Common and visited the Atlantic Wall
Atlantic Wall