21st Feb 15 - Lulworth and Durdle Dor

Cold but sunny day. We started out from Lulworth to walk to Mupe along the range pathes having checked on the website that they were open. But, as you can see, the RED flags were flying so we didn't want to risk it. Real shame - as we subsequently checked and we were right. So we turned around and went to Durdle Dor instead. Up the back way/high way and back on the SW Coastal Path. Problem with Durdle Dor is that it is VERY busy!

Lulworth Cove with red flag flying
Durdle Dor
Take care if walking on the beach!
With my panoramic setting
From Durdle Dor towards Lulworth. Lovely beaches.
Back along the main path (more like a road!) towards the village of West Lulworth. See what I mean about the crowds! But I guess it was half term.