11/12th December 2014 - Louise and Euan arrive with Tea at The Shard and the Carol Service

Louise and Euan arrived early on Thursday morning. I was in London at a meeting but Euan was waiting for my return. This rather unusual picture was worth a million pounds!
Off to London by train on Friday with Sarah
Tea on the 34th floor of The Shard. Although it was obscenely expensive, it was a wonderful experience. The view, of course, was even better
We had tea at dusk as the lights of London went on around us. Quite amazing!
Euan's eating difficulties meant he had no tea. He was starving so we dived into a MacDonalds. He woofed his Happy Meal faster than you could blink an eye! I did have a chuckle about the  juxtaposition between our tea and Euan's - and the price difference too! Anyway, Euan was very happy.
We then went by taxi to the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great for the WCIT Carol Service. The carols were wonderful which included a candlelit procession around the church and a visit from Father Christmas where Euan went up for his present. It was a ambition of mine to take Euan to this (as we go every year). So a 'tick' on another thing on my Bucket List.
Euan (and all of us) were pretty tired by the time we returned home. Wonderful day though!