22nd - 29th July 14 - Crete

Holiday in Rethymnon, Crete in same villa as last year. With Richard, Sarah, Frankie, Teddy and Harry and NatNat.

This year, NatNat bought a blow-up serpent called Sid 
To add to Colin the Crocodile NatNat bought in earlier years.
Teddy gets thrown in the pool a lot by Dad!
But he is cool...
Even on his boogey board in the sea
Frankie looking lovely as went off to dinner
As, indeed, we all did
Icecreams are not the same without a sparkler!
Trip to Rethymnon for some serious shopping
But Harry didn't last long. Practicing now for a life sleeping in doorways...
Dinner on the harbourside in Rethymnon
Lovely panorama of Rethymnon with the Seabourne cruise ship in the harbour.
At the Minoan Necropolis at Armeni. Dating back to 1300BC.