18th January 2014 - Louise's 40th Birthday

Forty years ago, on 18th Jan 1974,Louise Annabella Holway was born in Lewisham Hospital, SE London. In the years since, Lou has given great joy to all including me...plus a little anguish on the odd occasion. Love her dearly.

This is a photo record of every year of Lou's life. Showing  how Lou grew from a beautiful baby to a lovely young girl and now an equally lovely & beautiful woman. Also shows how her Dad (me) has aged in the process!

1974 - With Dad in the garden of Micheldever Road, Lee Green. The only time I've had more hair than Lou!
1975- With sister Sarah. We'd moved to Pirbright Road, Farnborough by then.
1976 - Cousins Teresa, Barbara and Brian visit from Canada in the year of the BIG DROUGHT 
1977 - Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall, on holiday
1978 -Christmas
1979 - A cornfield on the way to SW France 
1980 - I was a very keen photographer back then and I loved this soft-focus picture I took of Lou 
1981 - Daddy kiss. Cote Sauvage in SW France. 
1983 - Tanned in Ibiza 
1984 - Back to SW France. OK, would probably get arrested for a picture like this today. But those fabulous 'wear whatever/how little you want' beaches on the Cote Sauvage were fantastic! 
1986 - In the garden at Waverley Lane. Lovely home. 
1987 - With cousins Sharon and Charlotte. Lou now a teenager. 
1988 - At my wedding to Elizabeth with Grandma 
1989 - Portugal. Oh how Louise, now 15, has changed into a lovely young lady 
1990 - "She was only sixteen, only sixteen.... "
1991 with Charlotte, Grandma and Carol 
1993 - My two lovely daughters 
1995 - Just love this picture. My very favourite! 
1996 - Lou has always wanted bigger boobs for some reason! 
1997 - My 50th Birthday  in the kitchen in Great Austins
1998 - Grandma was very ill by now and died in 1999 soon after. Grandad made it to see in the millennium - just. 
1999 - With the other Grandad - Hoppy - and Nanny Olive. Again died soon after although Olive still going strong 
2001 - Now in the kitchen at Warren House
2002 - "Lost a daughter, gained a son-in-law!" A really happy day as Lou and Neil get married. Couldn't have been bettered! 
2003 - Then the sadness of Lou and Neil emigrating to Oz. We still haven't forgiven them!
2004 - Hello Euan!  Of course that day was pretty fraught for all. Still Euan came through it and, although he still has his problems, has grown into a fine little boy.
2005 - Louise the Mum.
One of our many 'Euan adoration' visits to Oz 
2007 - On a beach near Perth
2008 - Lovely portrait in the garden at Warren House 
2009 - Proper little family 
2010 - Our first visit to Singapore 
2011 - Singapore again
2012 - The Olympics in London 
2013 - Hong Kong
2014 - Last photo, Last night of our holiday in Phuket
Happy 40th Birthday to dear Louise.
We love you dearly!