22nd Sept 13 - Cadiz for Seville, Spain

Arrived in Cadiz for 77 mile trip to Seville. It was superb - albeit rather hot at over 90c.

Plaza de Espana was an unexpected gem. Built for the Expo in 1929, it is just superb with its different types of Spanish architecture.
Then on to a restaurant for lunch. They served pork cheeks - which the Americans turned their noses up at. But I rather liked!
Catheral of Seville is the third largest church in the world. Indeed holds the Guinness Book of Records as the largest volume! It is an amazing example of Gothic architechure.
The tomb of Christopher Columbus. Apparently only 150grams of him are left as his remains were taken around the world after his death. They say he traveled more when dead than alive.
Square outside the Cathedral
Entrance to Alcazar de Seville - the 14th castle of the Moorish kings with its wonderful gardens. Still the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family.
A kapoc tree in full bloom near the entrance.
Pools full of koi.
Cool courtyards where the sultan entertained his concubines.
Ceilings covered with gold. Or, in this case, bronze
Really fantastic day. Well worth a weekend visit as lots more to see of Seville.