15th/16th Sept 13 - Bordeaux

A day sailing through the Bay of Biscay then up the Garonne to Bordeaux. Weather OK on first day but raining and cold on Monday.

One of the villages we passed on the way up the river
Under the first suspension bridge
Then under the second bridge where the middle section was raised to let us through. Brand new - only opened last year.
No way of getting under the third bridge! The Pont de Pierre with its many arches.
We moored right in the middle of town watched by thousands of people. The Captain had to do a 360 degree turn in the narrow river. Amazing!
Bordeaux has been restored beautifully with this wide promenade along the river
We became the main attraction.
In the evening we went for a wine tasting and dinner at Chateau Kirwan near Margaux
Following day spent wandering around Bordeaux in the rain - hence not too many pictures!