20th-23rd July 12 - Rome for Melissa's 40th Birthday

Flew to Rome and on to the Villa Palazzola. A former convent. Really interesting experience!

Lake Albano - the view from our room. You can see the Pope's Summer Residence - Castell Gandolfo
Eating all together al fresco!
Jude and Josh in the swimming pool
Susan and John
Barbara and Malcolm
Birthday dinner - with cake!
John, Gaz and Kim
John & Val
A Daddy kiss for the birthday girl
Me and SOS
Melissa looked lovely
A Birthday Plate was signed by everyone
On Saturday we took the train to Rome to visit the Galleria Borghese. Wonderful. Considered one of the best art museums in the world.
On Sunday we walked the 5km to Castell Gandolfo
I was in the company of four girls - Sue, Melissa, Sarah and Vicky,
Icecreams in the Square in Castell Gandolfo. The Pope was giving his midday address in the square. Quite a unique experience.