1st Apr 12 - Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Wonderful 7 miler from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door. Peaceful after the excitement last night...

We walked to the Harbour Heights for dinner. On our return we could smell smoke and then found our road closed by some 13 fire engines. Flames were licking the cliff road as the cliff side had been set on fire by an errant firework. Lots of flame, smoke and ash. We were told 'don't worry - your house will be OK'. And, indeed, it was. But some other residents in the road were a little worried. Today the cliffside is black - soon grow again though.
Stair Hole
Lulworth Cove
Climbing the path
Our first sight of Durdle Door
You can just see Portland Bill and Weymouth on the horizon.
Man o' war and St Oswald's Bay
They say this is the best coastal walk in the UK. Difficult to argue!
Smart phone pictures (hence a bit small!). Sarah had done this walk the previous week.
Cottages in West Lulworth. Then on for a crab sandwich!