19th Feb 12 - Our first sleepover at the new 'Beach House'

The Beach House on Canford Cliffs is turning into a home...gradually. Painter is half way though. The bedroom furniture has arrived. Still work to do on the lounge etc. But getting there! T

The Little Devlins came to share our first ever sleepover. Great time was had by all (I think...)

It took me 4 hours to assemble the kids bunk beds! Quite pleased with the end result though
We had a great time playing new games on the iPad...and some not so new games on the carpet!
Scooters on the prom.
Canford Cliffs chine with its beach huts (a snip at 95,000 each!)
Sunday was the most magnificent sunny day. So sandcastles on the beach!
The sand on the beach just below our new place is fantastic!
Teddy made this all on his own. He was so, so happy when the tide came in and filled his moat - just like I had taught him!!