18th Dec 11

Tuckers & Laud's Xmas Lunch to celebrate Carol's 70th and Dylan's 4th Birthday

Started with an iChat with Neil, Lou and Euan in Oz
Buying that big table a few years back certainly was a good decision!
Carol, Emily and Bill
Carol in her silly hat
And me in mine!
Sharon and Dylan go crackers!
Emily and the eyepatch (well it was Dylan that got the iPad!)
Bill teaches Megan the kazoo
Silly hats for Sarah and Katie
Emily, Katie and Sarah
Dylan and his kazoo
Dylan's 4th Birthday Cake
Carol's 70th birthday cake
Dylan and his Grandma
Sarah and the Lauds
Preparing for the 'setting the Xmas pudding alight' ritual
Pete and Megan
A walk in our woods
The mechanical toys get an outing...again. What good value they have been over the years.