A brief moment in time

An open letter to Euan

Dearest Euan

When we first met you on 5th November 2004 you were exactly three months old. Elizabeth and I had the privilege of spending a dozen or so days with you. You were a joy to be with. What really amazed us was how you developed in just those few days.

Initially, you touched things only by accident. You didn’t hold things with one hand let alone two. By the time we left you were deliberately reaching out for things – even your Dad’s nose and his glasses! You were holding your rattle with both hands and putting it in your mouth.

We bought you several new toys. One was a swinging chair. You could make the lights flash and the music play only by pulling on rings. You very quickly learned to do this…it was amazing to watch you learn this skill in front of our very eyes!

Another was a fairground toy which you could activate by kicking your legs. Your Dad had been doing lots of exercises on your legs. By the time we left you were kicking away like a footballer! But, even more importantly, you had learned that the music played only if you kicked at the fairground Aunt Sally. So the moment the music stopped…you kicked!

The  play mat had lots of soft toys and mirrors dangling above it. Again by the time we left you were reaching out, pulling and holding all the toys with both hands. What a wonderful achievement in such a short time.

Because you had so much attention, your vocabulary increased greatly. Lots of different sounds and inflections.

But what really moved us was that you were able to recognise our faces. On the last day, early in the morning, your Mum brought you in to say goodbye. The moment you saw us your face burst into a big smile! It was simply one of those magic moments that life brings from time to time.

Of course, you would have done all these things whether we had been there or not. I’d like to think we helped you do them a few days earlier.

Every day, every week from now on you will do more and more.

We are just so happy that we shared this brief moment in time with you.

With loads of love


Your Grandad and Elizabeth

19th November 2004