9th Aug 11 - Archangelsk and Solovki, Russia

Archangel is a rather different place to Murmansk. Here crowds gathered to look at Silver Cloud. 
We took a little plane to Solovki to see the Monastery and hear the history of when the place was the first Soviet Gulag in the 1920s.

Little plane to Solovki. Noisy but rather good fun!
The airport fire fighting equipment was 'basic'. But not half so 'basic' as the airport loos!
No wonder they call it the 'Kremlin of the North'.
I don't usually use 'library photos' but I was never in a position to take a picture from the other side of the Holy Lake although we saw it from the bus. These are photos I missed!
Prosperity Bay and the Holy Lake on the seaward side of the Monestry
In the courtyard of the Monestry
As usual it was the women doing all the work!
The screens in the Russian Orthodox Church. Mostly quite recent as the place was burnt down several times.
All the ladies had to to cover their heads and wear skirts. Hence Elizabeth's garb!
The peepholes in the doors are from the time when the monastery was used as a Gulag (or Concentration camp) between 1910-1930. 80,000 political prisoners were taken there. 40,000 are buried on the island.
Our guide showing us the layout of the Church of Ascension. Another place of torture for the prisoners.
Church of Ascension doubles as a lighthouse in the dark months.
Staircase (294 steps) to the Church of Ascension