2nd Jan 10 - The Tuckers come to visit

Bill and Dylan
With Carol
Dylan enjoys the chocolate mousse
Euan enjoys the log fire
Dylan and the Singing Lonely Goat
Table (sirloin again...)
The ritual of setting fire to the Christmas pudding
Lovely picture of Grandad with Euan
Grandad, Euan and Neil
It was Sharon's 40th Birthday
A walk along the Greensands Way
On 4th Jan, the day before they left, I took Euan on a (long) walk to Mother Ludlam's Cave. It was a bit TOO long for such young legs as Euan's and he cried on the way back! Still he was very happy on the outward journey and loved the spooky cave. I told him Mother Ludlam was a 'good' witch who cured people's warts. He seemed to take all this end and told his Mum and Dad when they returned!