25th  -29th June 09 - Australia

Flew to Oz for a flying/7 day visit. The A380 was 90mins late arriving in Singapore. We caught the connecting flight to Perth but our suitcases didn't. Got A$400 compensation and our suitcases were delivered the following morning - so no real pain!

Weather in Perth atrocious. Wind and heavy rain! Rather different to the heat wave back home.

Euan was ill for the first 48hrs of our visit. But made a miraculous recovery on Day 3! He's as wondrous as ever!

Bell's Rapids - close to Neil & Lou's home
First day when he was starting to feel a bit poorly
The new outfit + handbag we brought for Lou
Lunch at Sittellas
Euan seems to be taking after Lou and I with his computer skills. In particular the iPod Touch! He seems to have all the 50,000 applications from the Apple Apps Store!

Lou particularly liked the blurred one.

Building the marble tower with Biz
Can a boy have too many cars? Obviously Euan can't! He has hundreds if not 1000+! We played a game where we lined them all up on the table according to colour. Made a rather good mosaic! Then Euan crashed them all onto the floor. Great fun!