29th - 31st Aug 08 - Verona

Page 1 - 29th/30th Aug

Trip to Verona to see the opera (Carmen and Aida) in the Arena. Stayed at Due Torri Hotel Baglioni

Elizabeth on the 'Big Seat' in the Hotel Reception
View of St Anastasia taken from the window of our room
White water rafting on the River Adige - just by the hotel
Castle S Pietro
 Chapel of Madonna of the People in the Duomo
St Giovanni in Fonte in the Duomo. Really beautiful, cool, and peaceful
Porta Borsari - one of the old Roman city gates
Piazza Erbe - the main square
Via Oberdan
St Zeno Maggiore
St Zeno's (patron saint of Verona) effigy
Piazza Signori with its statue of Dante 
Around the Arena down Via Mazzini the towards the Bell Tower
Outside the Arena
Ponte Scaligero
 On the Ponte Scaligero
View from Castlevecchio towards Ponte Vittoria
Dinner at Rest Maffai before the opera
The crowd (c18,000) takes their seats
The conductor and orchestra takes a bow
Quite amazing scenery and cast of 1000s!
I know the 2nd picture is blurred but you weren't allowed to use flash. But it does show the horses!
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