21st/22nd April 1988 - Cliff Rhodes comes to visit

Cliff, who has lived in Canada since 1969, paid us a visit. Our kids are cousins. I last saw Cliff in 1982 - 26 years ago. Of course, we both agreed that we had not changed or aged one bit! Unfortunately the pictures told another story!

2008 at Warren House
2008 - We walked from our house along the River Wey to Waverley Abbey
Barbara, Brian, Teresa, Sarah and Louise
1976 - the year of the drought in England
Cliff in 1982
1982 - San Francisco
Just in case you wondered what I looked like in 1982. Cool eh?
Morro Bay
1982 - Brian's 11th Birthday
1982 - Barbara
1982 - Teresa
1982 - Sarah (11) and Louise (8) with Charlie the Dog in Calgary