Garden - 27th Sept 19

I have never known a late summer like this. Nearly October and the garden still looks great. Indeed to have petunias and lobelia still 'in their prime' at this time of the year is unprecedented. We've had a combination of sunshine, warmth and rain - plants like that!

Greenhouse and Annexe looking lovely in the sunshine
Stripes on the back lawn
Back of house looking glorious
Otto still guarding the front door
Pots on the back patio still looking good
Cape daisies looking the best ever!
Dahlia in the pots on the patio
Dahlia bed by the greenhouse. Plus sheep!
Dahlias on the lower path
The hanging baskets by the kitchen door are still looking good. I have never seen petunias and lobelia looking this good as we approach October.
Geraniums still looking good by the pond
Sedums on the lower back
Fuchsias overhanging the steps up to the greenhouse.
Our forest! The saplings I planted nearly 20 years have grown...rather too much! 
Chestnuts littering the paths
Two bits of work.
Firstly we had new parking spaces constructed.
Secondly, a new shed.