Garden - 22nd Aug 19

Quite a lot of rain in last few weeks which has made everything green. Now very hot again.

Let's start on the front drive
and move to the flowers by the front door
The cosmos and trailing petunias have been particularly good this year
One of the herbaceous beds in the front garden 
Hydrangea on the pergola at the front of the house
Moving to the side lawn. The Yellow helianthus are in their prime.
Now moving around to the back of the house
The many pots by the kitchen door
Moving around to begonias in front of the annexe
I've had this begonia for many years. Its tuber is huge and I counted over a dozen stems.
Some of the dahlias in the pots on the back patio
The greenhouse is in front of the annexe. Raised veg patch can be seen behind the greenhouse.
Down the steps from the greenhouse (which you can just spy top/middle)
To the lower path
The dahlias and phlox on the lower path have been superb this year.
Finally this deer managed to get in and was spied in the forest bit of the garden, We did manage to get him (her?) out eventually.