7th-8th October 18 - Cruising the Volga to Kazan

Spent Sunday 7th Oct cruising the Volga. Then Monday in Kazan visiting mosques, riding on the Metro and going to a folk show.

Lock and hydroelectric station
The trees on the banks of the Volga put on their autumn colours
In preparation for my time in the care home, I went in for the matryoshka doll painting competition...
Sunset on the Volga
Panorama of Kazan. The building centre right was only erected in 2000!
Inside the Kremlin in Kazan
Kul Sharif Mosque
Inside the mosque
The Leaning Tower of Kazan
Me in a Tatar hat!
Inside the Annunciation Cathedral
In the afternoon we attended a wonderful Tatar folkdance and music show