25th Oct 17 - Pisco, Peru for the Nasca Lines

As soon as we docked in Pisco we went off to the new International Airport to catch a Cessna Caravan for a flight over the Nasca Lines. These markings in the sand were made at least 500 years ago - although their accurate date is unknown. As they can only be seen from the air, it is also a bit of a mystery why they were created in the first place. Indeed all kinds of theories persist - some involving aliens!

Great Day.

I don't know what the collective name is for 100,000s of Storm Petrels. But they put on a fantastic show for us as we awoke this morning 
Pelicans waiting on the quayside
The terminal had opened a year ago but the only flights so far were these flights over the Nasca Lines. So we had this huge terminal to ourselves!
All aboard the 12-seater Cessna
The views on the c35 minute to the Nasca Lines were fantastic. This is a desert landscape. But the Andes supplies them with abundant water so many crops are grown in the irrigated valleys
This is the map showing all the many geoglyphs. Clearly whoever did them had mathematical talents.
Parrot...and a shadow of our plane
Hands and Tree and the Pan American Highway
Certificates to prove 'We done it!'.