24th Oct 17 - Lima Day 2

Peru Civilisations & Private Hacienda

This excursion had three elements:

- National Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology
- Pachocomac Pilgrimage Centre built around 700AD with its restored palaces, plazas and temple
- Lunch at a Private Hacienda with Paso horse and Marinera Dance show


'Mummy Bundles'. We have seen these before on our last visit to Lima. Thousands have been discovered together with all kinds of artifacts etc. This ornament caught my eye in the National Museum 
PA cemetery we passed on the way. Probably with a funeral taking place.
It was the shanty towns that made the greatest impression on me. This is a desert country and everything is both built on - and covered with - sand. Millions of people live like this.
The Pachacamac centre. This is the women's house built in 700AD
A restored road through the enormous site
Many school groups were visiting
Off to Hacienda Mamacona for lunch and a Paso horse and Marinera Dance Show
The Paso horse were taught to step in a special way. It makes it much easier for them to walk through the sand. Now all the breed step that way. It was a really great show - and the dancers were pretty good too!
We thought of Sarah (for some reason) when we saw these decorations on out tables for lunch.
Elizabeth loved the horses - particularly the 3 month old foals.