10th July 17 - Garden 

It has been a heat wave. Grass yellow. Constant watering. But, of course, the flowers that have been watered love the sunshine! 

Back of house and lavender in its prime
Dahlias in pots and flower beds
Pots by front door
View from the road - and the 'grandson' tree
Pots and hanging baskets by kitchen
Petunias love the sun - as long as you keep them watered and fed
Planters and seats by the greenhouse. My favorite 'Listening to Radio 4' Spot
Lower path
By the pond
Raised vegetable plot. Had loads of crops so far
Now the flowers at The Beach House. Geraniums love sun, heat and dry. Indeed they seem to love being neglected!
They look better this year than in any of the 5 years we have owned it.