16th June 17 - Garden 

Weather is hoting up. Already had the hottest day of the year this week 

Last of the alliums 
The annexe
Border in the back garden
Belvedere looking good as the roses come into bloom
Multiple pots by the kitchen door.
Lavender just coming out
Some of the many lilies in pots. Just coming into bloom.
One of the older rhododendrons has died. We have 'shaped' and and will now put in many different types of clematis to grow over it. Check back next year to see it it has worked!  
The lower path is coming into its BLUE period.
Although the pond (Note - new duck house is NOT on expenses) looks good it could do with less duckweed.
Self-sown poppies looking great.
Old Smudge - now nearly 20. Which I think is about 100 in  human years.
Cherry tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.
Veg plot is coming on apace,
Indeed, this was our crop for supper last night!