10th Apr 17 - Sa Dec 'Wet' market

Sampan picked us up from Scenic Spirit and took us to the 'wet' market at Sa Dec. 'Wet' because all the fish and chickens etc are alive...
Everyone friendly as usual. Young...
...and old!
View of the fish market. You can see why they call it a 'wet' market.
Make way!
Gutting the Knifefish
Frogs. From live to...
I got a wave but not a smile!
Chilli peppers
Rice field chicken...or rats to you and me
Snails - many trying to escape!
We thought we were told these were sabastian flowers. The bees certainly liked them!
The veg market was excellent too. All so fresh
Including these that looked like courgette flowers.
Houses on stilts along the river. Many poor people, who could only afford a few feet of land, build their houses on stilts out into the river
Dragon boat used as a water hearse
View of Scenic Spirit as we came back in the sampan across the Mekong.
At the Farewell Dinner with Huy. Also Noreen & David.