7th Apr 17 - Phnom Penh - The Killing Fields, a TukTuk ride and tea @ Raffles

Cambodia under the rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge was a terrible period. Between 1975 and 1979 at least 1.4m Cambodians were murdered. Indeed some estimates are as high as 2m or a quarter of the population. There are over 343 Killing Fields. The one we visited was no more than a couple of acres but around 20,000 died and were buried here. A very sombre place.

A Morning Visit to the Killing Fields
One of the many killing pits. Bits of bone and clothing are still coming to the surface.
This is the memorial which houses the remains. A pretty grizzly place
Happier times - An afternoon TukTuk ride and Tea at Raffles
TukTuk Ride
My fav photo of the trip. We took this from the TukTuk whilst we were BOTH moving! Amazing. Note the driver has a helmet but the kids do not. The helmet rule only applies to drivers!
Elephant Bar @ Raffles
Elizabeth has a Singapore Sling - Well, you have to, don't you?